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Make the Most of the World's Finest Sales Tool. How to Sell with a Laptop. Shoulder-to-Shoulder Techniques for Powerful Laptop Sales Presentations. This focused, easy-to-use guide shows you how to turn your laptop computer into your most valuable tool for making a sales by: 1.

This book gives complete overview of the shoulder joint. This book is Must for any surgeon who want to perform surgical procedures of shoulder joint like Fixation of Fractures, Arthroscopy, Hemi or Total Arthroplasty, etc.

Detailed and comprehensive review of each and every Anatomical and Physiological structures of the Shoulder Joint is a hallmark of this book.5/5(2). Publications & Presentations.

Publications / Papers. Gibson J, Kerrs J, Morgan C & Brownson P. Accelerated Rehabilitation after arthroscopic Bankart repair in professional footballers. Shoulder & Elbow Journal. Vol. 8(4) – Rangan A, Goodchild L, Gibson J et al. BESS/BOA Patient Care Pathways Frozen Shoulder. The Rotator Cuff Explained Live Teleseminar with Brian Schiff, PT, CSCS Janu Associated Shoulder Issues • Labraltears (most common is SLAP lesion) • Arthritis (bone spurs, calcification, AC joint OA) The Rotator Cuff Explained PPT Author:File Size: KB.

1 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education. All rights reserved. Chapter 5 The Shoulder Joint Manual of Structural Kinesiology R.T. Floyd, EdD, ATC, CSCS. Shoulder Orthopedic Tests. Tendinitis (Supraspinatus) Supraspinatus tendinitis is a common inflammatory condition of the shoulder that causes anterior shoulder pain.

Pain is present especially in abduction. The painful arc is between 60° and 90° of abduction. Tendinitis (Supraspinatus)File Size: KB. Itoya Profolio Series 11 X 14 Inch Art Presentation Portfolio.

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Adam Meakins Shoulder Exam 1. Examining the Shoulder Adam Meakins Clinical Lead Physiotherapist 2. Shoulder Pain Is common • 3rd most common MSK complaint • Prevalence rates between % • ‘Impingement’ most common Luime JJ () Prevalence and incidence of shoulder pain in the general population; a systematic review.

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Presentation refers to the part of the fetus’s body that leads the way out through the birth canal (called the presenting part). Usually, the head leads the way, but sometimes the buttocks or a shoulder. shoulder to lateral brachium • Pain with reaching • No rest pain – Different than sleep/night pain this will hurt – Rest = Sitting with hands in lap • Usually insidious onset • May be capped by an event or start some time after an event • Primary or Secondary disorder • No change in shoulder File Size: 2MB.

Frozen Shoulder – Adhesive Capsulitis Brett Sanders, MD Center For Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic McCallie Ave. Chattanooga, TN () If you're having trouble lifting your arm above your head, reaching across your body or behind your back, and have limited motion in your shoulder, it may be an early symptom of frozen shoulder.

Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Conditioning Program Introduction 1 Additional Notes Purpose of Program _____ After an injury or surgery, an exercise conditioning program will help you return to daily activities and enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Following a well-structured conditioning program will also help you return to sports and other File Size: 1MB. Case Presentation. The patient is a year-old white female presenting to the emergency department with acute onset shortness of breath.

Symptoms began approximately 2 days before and had progressively worsened with no associated, aggravating, or relieving factors : Deepa Rawat, Sandeep Sharma. Like this presentation. SC articulating surface: The SC articulation consists of two saddle-shaped surfaces, one at the sternal or medial end of the clavicle and one at the notch formed by the manubrium of the sternum and first costal cartilage.

It is a plane synovial joint. The articulating surfaces are incongruent. The. shoulder joint. • For every 3° of abduction of the arm, a 2° abduction occurs in the shoulder joint and a 1° abduction occurs by rotation of the scapula.

• At about ° of abduction of the arm, the greater tuberosity of the humerus comes into contact with the acromion. • Further elevation of the arm above the head accomplished by.

Rotator cuff tears 1. CURRENT REVIEW OFROTATOR CUFF TEARSDr. Sushil Paudel 2. INTRODUCTION InSmith - first description of a rupture of therotator cuff tendon Among most common causes of shoulder pain andinstability. Disease severity range from inflammation andedema to irreparable ruptures Incidence % with increasing with advancingage Normal senescence process.

Provides patients with information via comprehensive patient guides. A hub for medical professionals looking for education and the latest reserach. Buy books and products to help with rehabilitation & surgery. Find a shoulder surgeon or therapist local to you.

This is an interactive guide to help you find relevant patient information for your. Shoulder straps allow for easy carrying and the large pocket and elastic straps on the inside of the case keep your artwork secure while providing ample storage space for paint, brushes, pens, etc.

This Portfolio Case measures x x inches/5(). allows the examiner to reach the anterior, lateral and posterior aspects of the shoulder with the probe by simply asking the patient to rotate on the chair. 1 2 Place the arm in slight internal rotation (directed towards the contralateral knee) with the elbow flexed 90°, palm up.

Start by finding the long biceps tendon in between the greaterFile Size: 2MB. A proximal humerus fracture is a break in the arm bone near the shoulder, or a “broken shoulder”. Proximal means it is the end of the bone that is closest to the body.

This typically happens after a fall on the affected side, followed by pain in that arm or shoulder. This is different than a dislocated shoulder, separated shoulder,File Size: KB. humerus or due to an inferior dislocation of shoulder joint. •Effects: •Loss or weakness of abduction of shoulder (between 15 degrees to 90 degrees) due to paralysis of Deltoid.

•Rounded contour/profile of shoulder is lost due to paralysis of deltoid •Sensory loss over lower half of the outer aspect of shoulder ‘regimental badge area’.File Size: 2MB. part of the shoulder blade (scapula). Rotator Cuff Rotator cuff The rotat or cuff r efers to a g roup of f our tendons that attach four shoulder muscles to the upper arm (humerus) and hold it in the shoulder joint.

Man y shoulder pr oblems ar e caused b y injuries to the rotat or cuff. Shoulder Anatomy: Anatomy of The Shoulder Joint. THis PPT will give you knowledge about the principles of shoulder; articulating surface, motions, ligamentous structure and musculature structure that related Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

INTRODUCTION. Shoulder pain is a common presenting complaint to primary care offices and sports medicine clinics. Estimates of the prevalence of shoulder pain range from 16 to 34 percent in the general population [].Rotator cuff pathology is the most common condition of the shoulder for which patients seek treatment [].Estimates published in by the United States Agency for Health Care.

In obstetrics, the presentation of a fetus about to be born specifies which anatomical part of the fetus is leading, that is, is closest to the pelvic inlet of the birth canal. According to the leading part, this is identified as a cephalic, breech, or shoulder presentation.

A malpresentation is any presentation other than a vertex presentation (with the top of the head first). Stick to the minute rule. Cook introduced his first “guest speaker,” the co-founder of Anki, Boris Sofman, at exactly 10 minutes into his presentation. The minute rule is a technique I. Muscle energy technique is a manual therapy procedure which involves the voluntary contraction of a muscle in a precisely controlled direction at varying levels of intensity against a distinct counterforce applied by the Size: KB.

Anthropometry is the study of the measurement of the human body in terms of the dimensions of bone, muscle, and adipose (fat) tissue. Measures of subcutaneous adipose tissue are important because individuals with large values are reported to be at increased risks for hypertension, adult-onset diabetes.

INTRODUCTION — Shoulder dislocations account for 50 percent of all major joint dislocations [].Anterior dislocation is most common, accounting for 95 to 97 percent of cases. Posterior dislocation accounts for 2 to 4 percent, and inferior dislocation (ie, luxatio erecta, which means "to place upward") accounts for percent [].This topic review will discuss the mechanism of injury.

SFMA Shoulder Corrective Exercises Side Lying Thoracic Rotation – keep one knee on a foam roller, or 2 pillows, with the hip flexed at least 90 degrees. Place the hand on the stomach/ribs and pull the shoulder back to the Size: KB.

Frozen shoulder is a disabling and sometimes severely painful condition that is commonly managed in the primary care setting. True frozen shoulder has a protracted natural history that usually ends in resolution.

In this article we consider how to diagnose frozen shoulder and how to distinguish it from other painful shoulder conditions. A study reported from United States census data analyzed the epidemiologic trends for emergency department presentations secondary to shoulder dislocations from through The authors noted an overall incidence rate of per person-years, with the male incidence rate being about fold that of the female incidence : Matthew Varacallo, Scott D.

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The book was built entirely in iBooks Author/5(54). Start studying OTA Kinesiology 2 - Function and Movement of the Shoulder and Scapula ppt (using information from the book). Learn vocabulary, terms, and. Suspension Therapy 1. Suspension Therapy 2.

Continuous Passive Motion 3. Assisted Exercises 4. Suspension Therapy 5. Aim 6. Types 7. Axial Suspension 8. Uses 9. Pendular Suspension Uses Vertical Suspension Uses The Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Pocket Guide is a portable and easy-to-use reference for students, residents and physicians.

It is a beginner’s guide for the most common diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound studies. The images provided are those most frequently obtained during the sonographic evaluation of each respective Size: 1MB. Conventional Radiography of the Shoulder Timothy G.

Sanders, Col, evaluation based on the clinical presentation and suspected abnormality. Below is a description of the most common shoulder demonstrates normal appearing AC joint (arrow) with no separation or fracture. (B). Chapter 2: Shoulder-to-Shoulder Techniques for Presenting with Your Laptop.

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